David Bevans, Executive Director
Email: dbevans@columbusga.org

Kimberly Lewis, Assistant Director
Email: klewis@columbusga.org

Tammie Brown, Events Coordinator
Email: tammiebrown@columbusga.org

Lauren Cheatham, Events Coordinator
Email: lcheatham@columbusga.org

Scott Norrell, Events Coordinator
Email: snorrell@columbusga.org

Weezy Wingo Motzel, General Manager of Catering
Spectra by Comcast–Spectacor
Email: weezywingo_motzel@comcastspectacor.com

Jennifer Brown, Director of Catering Sales
Spectra by Comcast–Spectacor
Email: jennifer_brown@comcastspectacor.com

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